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Faces of the Homeless

Faces of the Homeless
Faces of the Homeless

As a photographer you come across so many different people with so many different stories but for me none were more touching then the people I shot for Magpie’s Faces of the Homeless last month. Early one morning I headed out with Journalist Sarah Clayton-Lea to see if we could meet some of the people who live on the streets of Dublin and find out a little about there stories. I was in no way unaware of what a huge ask it is of someone in such a difficult situation to open up to a Journalist and have there portrait taken there and then on the street. If I am bluntly honest I not sure what I expected. The people we meet Patrick, Emmett, Joe & June shared there personal stories with us in an honest way that was beyond expectations and deeply touching. The piece is available online in Magpie’s winter edition page 65. It is a beautifully written piece and gives a unique insight into the lives of the people we talked to. http://issuu.com/magpiemagazine_ie/docs/magpie_winter_2015





A triptic of terror

Self improvmentwell this is a bit of a look back st a set of self-portraits I did some time back. It’s so important to have fun with photography and it’sa great way to try new things.  I remember how much fun I had making these images and how much I learned about Photoshop layers. The one above ” Self Improvement ”  was always my favorite I think it’s the expression on the face on the table that I like.

As part of a new years resolution I plan to post a lot more on the blog ( I know I know we will see how long that lasts ) but I plan to do a retrospective post now and then as a way of looking back at what I’ve done, seeing whats been learned along the way and just to give another outing to some old images.

I’d love to know what you think of these images and if you have any feed back or questions just comment on the post,Adrian


Niamh O Neill


Well here are a few images from a recent shoot with Designer Niamh O’Neill, She won ‘Fashion Designer of the Year’ at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards and I had the pleasure of photographing her for The Irish Daily Mails You magazine. It was such a joy to work with her and to shoot her in her own creations.

Our team for the day was the wonderful Ciara Red using C Red cosmetics CRed.ie and our Hair stylist was the delightful Emari Williams.

There was a lot of behind the scenes fun and so I have included a shot of the girls dancing to Thriller in the slide show with the image from the magazine and a few alternatives, Hope you like them.