Corporate Video Marketing

Corporate video marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools in a company’s marketing strategy. Tried and tested, advertising through video production has a proven track record of success.

However, it’s all well and good to simply say that. But what are the facts?

* The second largest search engine in the world is YouTube.
*  80% of the people  surveyed remembered a video ad that they looked at in the last 30 days.
* Of that 80%, 46% of the people took action afterwards.
*.58% of B2B marketers rate videos as the most effective content marketing tactic.
* 61% of B2B marketers use YouTube to distribute content
* 75% of the world now has access to a mobile phone and that 59% of mobile device users prefer watching video over reading text.
* Having videos makes it fifty times more likely to rank on the first page of Google compared to text only web pages
* YouTube averages 4 billion hits each day, and 61% of B2B marketers leverage YouTube to extend the reach of their messaging and brands

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