Monthly Challenge – November

So this month I’ve decided to launch my monthly photo challenge, As many of you probably know I’m a photography teacher and I love it. I have been looking for ways to continue that online – I’ve been working on podcasts which you will be able to download and listen too, videos covering photography tips and techniques but I really felt it needed something to tie it all together – What’s the point if there is no feedback and no sense of being part of a photography community?

So the Monthly challenge was born, Anyone can take part and you have 30 days to complete the assignment & all you need do is email me your picture before the deadline – As the meerkat says simples!

The best entry will be featured on the website.

This months challenge – November 2019

This is a simple brief and it’s all about the shutter! As we know the camera’s shutter can freeze a hummingbirds wings in motion or have the night sky swirl around us like a kaleidoscope. The only rule is that your choice of shutter speed should be the driving force in your image. As will always be the case the challenge is open to all and how you interpret it is up to you – Email your shots to

I have included a few shots of my own where the shutter was the driving force behind the image – Kind regards and best of luck

Ps, Any questions just drop me a mail.