Barry Jazz Finnegan portrait of Robin Williams

Barry Jazz Finnegan drawing Robin Williams

This week I made a Time-Lapse / Video of the Artist Barry Jazz Finnegan drawing a beautiful portrait of Robin Williams in The Ink Factory in Dublin. It was wonderful to be part of  this touching tribute to a man who’s life brought joy to so many. Watching Barry’s portrait come to life during the day was incredible and I hope the mix of Time-Lapse and video I made lets you share in that experience. The ink Factory is just an amazing social space with a great vibe and was a super location to shoot in. 

I have to say a big thanks to the Ink Factory who put on, and let me be part of this wonderful event to raise awareness of suicide and depression on suicide awareness day 

You can Follow the Link below to see the Video of Barry drawing Robin Williams

Barry Jazz Finnegan portrait of Robin Williams

You can connect with Barry Jazz Finnegan at the link below

And you can connect with The Ink Factory below


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